Who We Are

Georgia Gruner, President of Quality Conferences, Inc.,(QCI) and Founder of QUICKCOMM is responsible for building professional partnerships and is very hands on with the execution of the apps awarded to QCI. She manages the analytical and technical aspect of the organization and is responsible for overseeing that each aspect of a project is executed flawlessly.

The QUICKCOMM development team is comprised of professional meeting planners with anywhere from a minimum of 5 to 25+ years experience.


At QUICKCOMM we believe.


In providing excellence in everything we do.


In doing the work, so our clients can focus on their other tasks.


In applying detailed attention and creativity into every app developed.


In having a constant "What's next? mentality so our product remains cutting edge, thus always offering all the "must-have's" and more.


“I wanted to personally thank you for all you and your team’s hard work on our 2016 Convention app. It worked out very well. I know our field enjoyed using it, and was a great addition to our internet café. It certainly made our job easier! Your professionalism and cooperation to build the app quickly and to make immediate changes was very much appreciated. Great job! Thank you for your contribution to ensure our successful event.”


“The on-site application QuickComm created for our Convention in Las Vegas was incredible! Anyone who has ever been part of working a convention knows things can change at a moment’s notice: meetings change rooms, speakers shuffle positions and the agenda is a moving target. QuickComm’s app was an unbelievable asset for creating awareness of what was happening at the upcoming convention and was so easy to update when things changed. The team at QuickComm also provided an amazing on-call service while the convention was going on to help push out alerts, make updates and help ensure app users were aware of important announcements.
My favorite thing about working with QuickComm is that they truly partner with you and help ensure everyone involved knows exactly what is going on. They are an amazing company, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants an app for their next convention / conference. ”


“"Georgia and her team developed and deployed a mobile event application for my highest visibility program. The service she provided was extremely high quality, the product was excellent, and the price was a very good value. They were so easy to work with and responded immediately to numerous revisions to the program. The functionality in the Quickcomm mobile application was equivalent to applications and custom developed solutions costing significantly more. It preformed beautifully on iPhones, IPads and other devices. During the planning process, I referred to the application rather than my own documentation when I needed to refer to details of the program because it was so quick and easy to navigate. I would absolutely recommend Georgia and the product no matter the size or complexity of the event."