Components at a Glance

Quickcomm offers a host of new and upgraded capabilities!  Please download our new capabilities booklet or click on any of the components below for more information on each offering.


    Newest Featured Quickcomm Component


    GROUP CHAT ROOM - For a moment, imagine if you had the time and resources to start activating digital “hallway” conversations and catalyzing attendee networking before anyone even arrives onsite? Envision an event where lively Q&A sessions didn’t have to end abruptly just because the scheduled time was up. And think how impressed attendees would be if you could provide a private social network to ask influential keynote speakers follow-up questions and start building your event community. With Group Chat Room – a new product from Quickcomm – you’ll provide a fresh opportunity for your attendees to sift through the noise, discover the right contacts and find conversations that are most relevant to their interests; all leading to the ultimate event experience for your event.